miércoles, 24 de agosto de 2011

Sunday Bible School ‘’Growing in grace’’

‘’Growing in grace’’

This is the name that we gave to the Sunday bible school, we are focused that our children are having the opportunity to learn, live and share the Gospel by inspiring bible’s history, songs, fun games, opportunity for using their talents and missions. It has been about three years serving in this great ministry with great people. In this year we have been very challenge to pursue excellence.

This is ours team

Berenice Santo

Perla Martínez

Maribel Gómez

Minerva Sotero (Neiby)

Carolina López

Benjamin Núñez

And three girls who have grown in faith in this Sunday bible school, now we praise God that they are helping us and also teaching with us. They are Vierka (Maribel’s daughter), Ironelis and Jennifer.

I’ve written their names, so you can pray for each one of them personally.

We used to work with three groups, the little ones, the middle ones and the older ones, as the church that we worked in is too small people lend us their cars rooms.

During the few passed months, with the power that comes from the Holy Spirit, with been working with what we call Bible Clubs (each one for a months and a half): True Treasures and The Deserts Explorers. The first one challenge our life to live according to the promises of God, having in our minds the great awards that God has for all His faithful sons and daughter. And the last one reminds us that as God took care the Israel’s People, so He will do with us, how God teached His people for fourty years in a deserts, so He will teaches us in everyone of our experiences and circumstances.

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