lunes, 28 de junio de 2010

CDI-DR 346 Corazones Alegres

Summer 2010 Activities

After a fiscal year of hard work, the least they deserve is a change of routine.That's why we celebrate with our children our own, pool days, days of pizza and movie day.

Giving what we have received

Conference-Workshop on "Body Care"

For about a month and a half, three young graduate of the CDI-DR346 kickoff held the first workshop for young people who are coming out. two of us belong to the leadership development program, Scarlet Sory Gongalez medical student and I, Jose Benjamin Nunez student in Tourism Management, the other guy is Josè Carlos Marmolejos Gonzales, who also studied medicine, he is not part of LDP but is an excellent student, good playing guitar and bass. It is a pleasure to serve the Lord, and young people of the CDI with the things that God has provided.

We are filled with joy and satisfaction for giving the things we've received.

Pastor Federico de Sena "Berico" Birthday

"So teach us to number our days that hearts unto wisdom" (Psalm 90:12) ... "Tell me, Lord, my end, and how much is the measure of my days; know how frail I am" (Psalm 39:4).

My soul is filled with joy, to see how God changes the course of human life and elevates it to a full life, where there are battles, challenges, and perhaps many times with tears. But here, in the daily life of man, in his constant attempts to glorify God discovers Him absolutely good. Federico de Sena Our Pastor is an example parpable of this, that after 40 plus years serving the Lord, can express to the congregation before all the joy unspeakable.

Glory to God! For allowing us to celebrate with him 94 years of life.

Benjamìn Nùñez

Searching for opportunities to grow

Searching for opportunities to grow

John Piper in Santiago, Dominican Republic

A church that wants to grow Christ-centered, and stick more to the will of God, must strive every day to take advantage of spiritual opportunities to growth that God in various ways provided.

A group of men we moved from Puerto Plata to Santiago, an hour's drive from our church, listening to John Piper a man who loves the Lord, and loves reaching the lost for the glory of God.