viernes, 10 de septiembre de 2010

Computer CDI's lab

Saying Welcome to Weston

Weston was such a missionarie who used to live in our comunity, he was stablished here for almost two years. He left i now he return with news ideas, he wants to create a compture lab, for those guy that are not able to use computer at home, also to make a bridge between both culture, EE.UU, and the most important reazon is provide oppotunities for preaching the Gospel.
I'll be helping help in order to make his dream come true.

miércoles, 8 de septiembre de 2010

young guiding the church on saturday


We thanks God for allowing us to been the responsible of these services. This last Saturday we meet at Aldrin's house(one of the members of the church), we worship together,listen God's word and finally eat some Riquis( that is a bread with cabbage, meat and dressing). OMG GREAT TIME!!!

domingo, 5 de septiembre de 2010

What to do, when the electricity has gone.

We found a lamp in a house where there is an inverter to play dominoes at 11:30 pm, we did not want to go bed.

Sharing the Gospel through movies

Our community is not totally in material’ needs but spiritual. There are so many ways to show then that God is the only who can satisfied what then hearts need, so I decided organized a movie night in my neighborhood where we watched ‘’Fire Proof’’. Most of you maybe have been able to see this movie, so now you understand what a bless was this movie to these people.


It is a huge blessing to be part of this amazing family. We meet at list once in a month to study the bible, to she experiences and for having fun together. We came together the week before this to talk about ours errands in the program, and this next week to have a day pass.

Sunday Bible School

God has been so good! We are still showing the wonders of God to these kids.

There is nothing better than the sufficient word of God in other to live according to the willing of the Creator and his redeemer plan.