sábado, 8 de mayo de 2010

Just God´porpuse!!

My name is Jose Benjamin Nuñez Castillo

I was born in Santo Domingo, at 23 days of December 1989.

When I was 5 years old, my father, Ramon Nunez decided to go to Puerto Plata in search of work, he was a mason. A year later my mother decided to follow his step, and we also (my two brothers and I). We settled in Monte Llano, the famous town sugarcane. After two years of having reached that place, my parents heard of CDI-DR346 of Compassion International. My parents found out about it and some time later I was enrolled. That was the first time I began to hear that there was a God who had created everything and then I knew I had to give my life to him who had died for me. But still I feel that it was not heart.

At the age of 13 years my life was marked by the death of my father, was very difficult, just a kid and my mother was not working. But the hand of God was on our little family, we never stop eating. But my mother also received assistance from the CDI-DR346 to become a stylist, and start in our own home a little beautil parlor. I worked in a carwash for nearly four years, was a very good experience, because I learned to drive.

For my second year in high school, the CDI-DR346 offered me a half scholarship

For my last year I took seriously the decision to follow the footsteps of Jesus. At the same time I heard about the LDP program, It was my heart desire to be part of this, but it seemed almost impossible so i prayed to God, and when I graduated I filled out the applications for admission, but I was rejected. So I started university, with my own efforts, and my mother. we could pay at least two semesters.

But I didn´t give up, even wanted to be part of the LDP, I felt it in my heart. So for the second time, with excitement and nerves refill the order. But now God had different plans, thas´s why I received the news that was part of the program.

Currently I am Christian in faith and action, a member of Temple Bible Church Monte Llano. I tutor of a group of beautiful children of 6-8 years in the CDI-DR346. I'm a student of Business Administration, Tourism and Hotel. I am LDP, yeah! But mostly I love reaching children for Christ, that is the reason why I am fighting for two Bible schools continue forward.

This is the story that God in His grace has written for me. But more surprising is that the pen is still writing.