miércoles, 24 de agosto de 2011

Living God’s called

''Living God’s called''

It has been about eight months, since my last encounter with you (Sequoia). God is always more than we think, and this time is a proof of what our almighty God is willing to do with a sinner surrendered completely to Him. I feel so thankful for the blessing of serve you in the little ways I do, and I would like to thank your support, it was used for some of my needs, also for you great heart, always willing to serve our beautiful kids, I’m sure that God has great plans for all of them, I praise God that you’ve been part of their lives and for been praying for my church, which God has been answering in many ways, some of them immediately and others in long terms.

I guess some of you are wondering what is this guy has been doing all this time, but don’t worry I haven’t been in a resort for vacations, or standing around nor waiting for things to come, at list not at all. Here are the details.

San Pedros’s Church serving our kids and youths

A partner of mine from the Leadership Development Program (LDP), who lives six hour fromour community and I planed bridge between our two church, the purpose was to serve our children and youth from our project, church and community, so approximately 25 of them came to our church, for two days of hard working. We developed topic concern to the integrity and the Gospel of salvation. At the end two of our youth from the project accepted Christ, everythings were meaningful at list for these guys have reicived the Salvation, and they are still attending church and growing. My main role in this mission trip of this brothers and sisters was just to serve them in all the ways possible, setting everythings up.

Luperon’s Mission Trip

It is always a privilege to serve God, no matter the way, the people and the place, but when you have the great opportunity to serve with people as my partners of the LDP, it’s just something unforgettable, these guys are just amazing, crazy for serving in creative ways. We went to a city called Luperón nearly one hour from my house. We were serving the kids of another project, playing games and having fun with them, but also promoting the LDP to the youth who are about to finish the Sponsorship Program, beside enhancing the heart of that church by showing them the importance of advocate for the childrens at risk.

Sunday Bible School ‘’Growing in grace’’

‘’Growing in grace’’

This is the name that we gave to the Sunday bible school, we are focused that our children are having the opportunity to learn, live and share the Gospel by inspiring bible’s history, songs, fun games, opportunity for using their talents and missions. It has been about three years serving in this great ministry with great people. In this year we have been very challenge to pursue excellence.

This is ours team

Berenice Santo

Perla Martínez

Maribel Gómez

Minerva Sotero (Neiby)

Carolina López

Benjamin Núñez

And three girls who have grown in faith in this Sunday bible school, now we praise God that they are helping us and also teaching with us. They are Vierka (Maribel’s daughter), Ironelis and Jennifer.

I’ve written their names, so you can pray for each one of them personally.

We used to work with three groups, the little ones, the middle ones and the older ones, as the church that we worked in is too small people lend us their cars rooms.

During the few passed months, with the power that comes from the Holy Spirit, with been working with what we call Bible Clubs (each one for a months and a half): True Treasures and The Deserts Explorers. The first one challenge our life to live according to the promises of God, having in our minds the great awards that God has for all His faithful sons and daughter. And the last one reminds us that as God took care the Israel’s People, so He will do with us, how God teached His people for fourty years in a deserts, so He will teaches us in everyone of our experiences and circumstances.

CDI-DR346 (Corazones Alegres)


Corazones Alegres

Once I noticed that most of the kids in my Project’s group are sponsored by Sequoia, but as a matter or fact they need to grow, today my group is almost done, this past week I sent five of them to other group, including the twins Elvis and Edwin Gomez, they didn’t want to say goodbye, but as o told them so is the life, we need to grow and give steps on. Today I know this is one of my last months as a tutor in this amazing family, but I never forget these kid’s and the blessing that was to serve them, despite of all the headaches that I had because of them (hehehe). Within everything’s my greatest satisfaction is to know that this family will be growing a lot from the next days on, two amazing ladies will be soon working as tutors including Maribel the one we rebuild a house for , and others, but specially my pastors are really working on this. I am sure that as, my family and me were blessed for this project, your children will be in great ways.