miércoles, 24 de agosto de 2011

CDI-DR346 (Corazones Alegres)


Corazones Alegres

Once I noticed that most of the kids in my Project’s group are sponsored by Sequoia, but as a matter or fact they need to grow, today my group is almost done, this past week I sent five of them to other group, including the twins Elvis and Edwin Gomez, they didn’t want to say goodbye, but as o told them so is the life, we need to grow and give steps on. Today I know this is one of my last months as a tutor in this amazing family, but I never forget these kid’s and the blessing that was to serve them, despite of all the headaches that I had because of them (hehehe). Within everything’s my greatest satisfaction is to know that this family will be growing a lot from the next days on, two amazing ladies will be soon working as tutors including Maribel the one we rebuild a house for , and others, but specially my pastors are really working on this. I am sure that as, my family and me were blessed for this project, your children will be in great ways.

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