viernes, 26 de noviembre de 2010

Washing our hands to have a healthy life.

YAY!! it is incredible to see the kids, how they love hear the classes and then go to have a practice of what we were talking about. They really liked to practice wasching their hands, They say i don't want to have COLERA.

lunes, 22 de noviembre de 2010

Marriages of ITB

Our church this last weekend celebrated a glorius activity for the church marriages, and also for those that are not christians. That was a huge blessing for every one who was there.

YAY!!! what a day!!! me and Brenda, my co-worker at the project and all of our kids, when to visit the project of kid's alive in a village close to our church, Caraballo, Villa Asencion. We were reicived by the director Alberto Polanco. He spoked to the kids how to take care of the chickens. At the of our visit the boys started enjoying games.
Great day!!

Youth society

What does the people say about Love? What does the people say about live? What does the people say about sex?. With these question we started our last metting just before whaching and amizing documentary about the true of these three things: Love,Live anf Sex. After all that we finish with a delisious tea. Great night.
Please pray for our youth society.

God keeps been good

What a great opportunity we had, with our kids to go to other church, and share the gospel,
with all the children at that church. Many of them when to see pantomimes that the laydies made, to hear the history of Habraham and the sacrifice of his son, and also the games.